8 Common Causes of House Fires to Be Aware Of

8 Common Causes of House Fires to Be Aware Of


8 Common Causes of House Fires to Be Aware Of

Book Title 8 Common Causes of House Fires to Be Aware Of
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Date Published Oct 30, 2020

8 Common Causes of House Fires to Be Aware Of


Hundreds of City Names are affected by house fires every year, even though house fires are preventable. Effective fire prevention involves identifying the risks and installing the right fire protection equipment and systems to mitigate those risks. At New Company, we provide residential fire protection equipment in City Name that can help keep you safe from fires caused by:


  1. Cooking mishaps


Accidents in the kitchen are among the leading causes of house fires. Never leave a stovetop unattended, especially when cooking on high temperatures or using oil. You should have a smoke alarm located near the kitchen and a sprinkler system installed in the kitchen as well.


  1. Open flames


Candles, fireplaces, and other sources of open flames need to be carefully monitored at all times. Keep open flames away from combustible materials, keep candles in proper containers on level surfaces, and don't go to bed with the fireplace still shouldering.


  1. Heating equipment


Faulty heating equipment can cause devastating and unexpected fires, especially in the winter. You should have your heating equipment inspected annually by a professional and take care to keep portable heaters away from any flammable materials.


  1. Electrical appliances


There is a risk of fire with any electrical appliances that have loose or frayed cords, and electrical fires are particularly difficult to put out. Make sure you don't use any appliances that have visibly damaged wiring.


  1. Inadequate wiring


Faulty or inadequate wiring in your home can also lead to an electrical fire. The most common signs of wiring issues are frequent circuit breaker trips and noticeable dimming of lights when you turn on a particular appliance.


  1. Flammable liquids


When improperly stored, flammable liquids such as paint thinners, gasoline, adhesives, and certain cleaning agents can ignite, and so can any rags that have been soaked in them. Make sure you always store flammable materials away from heat sources and inside of proper containers.


  1. Smoking indoors


Just as a single cigarette can spark a massive grass fire, wayward cigarette ash can also spark a fire indoors. Smoking should only be done outside and cigarettes always need to be properly extinguished in a large and deep ashtray.


  1. Barbecues


Barbecues are a common cause of house fires over the summer months, even when correctly used outside. Make sure your fireplace is not directly touching the walls of your home or any railings, tree branches, or other flammable materials. Keep it properly cleaned and maintained as well.


Reliable Fire Protection Equipment for Your City Name Home


New Company is proud to provide fire protection equipment in City Name that homeowners can rely on to protect their home and their family in the event of a fire. We install fire protection systems for single-family homes and townhouses, including sleek and stylish residential sprinkler systems that can be designed in a way which makes them hardly noticeable.


To find out more about the right fire protection equipment for your City Name home, just contact New Company today.






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