Passing Down the Family Car: Keeping Your Teenager Safe!

Passing Down the Family Car: Keeping Your Teenager Safe!


Passing Down the Family Car: Keeping Your Teenager Safe!

Book Title Passing Down the Family Car: Keeping Your Teenager Safe!
Author kickstandcontent
Date Published Oct 30, 2020

Passing Down the Family Car: Keeping Your Teenager Safe!

One day they are little and holding your hand to stand up, and the next thing you know, you are taking them to get their driving permits! If you feel like you are not ready to see your teenager get behind the wheel of a car, you aren’t the only one. Every year, a growing number of parents struggle to make sure that their teenagers are safe and taken care of as they enter the world of highways and byways.

Safety starts with the vehicle that your teenager ends up driving. Most families plan on handing down an older vehicle to a new driver. This gives them a little bit of wiggle room just in case they get into a minor fender bender and keeps the cost of insurance to a minimum. Unfortunately, this can also mean that they end up with a car that may already be experiencing mechanical problems. There are some checks you can do to make sure that the car your teenager inherits will outlast their beginning driving skills.

  • Schedule a Tune-Up: One of the most important steps you can take before handing those keys to your teenager is to get your car into your trusted New Company’ mechanic for a complete tune up. Have them do an oil change, check the tires, brakes, check all the fluids, and test the car for any major problems. This can help you to catch small problems before they turn into life-threatening issues.
  • Have Your Teenager Speak with a Mechanic: This may sound a little excessive, but if you are not a car expert, then you may not know how to fix minor problems. Scheduling an appointment with a licensed mechanic just to go over the basics of vehicle maintenance can be a huge learning experience for your teen. Without the proper instruction, a lot of teenagers don’t know the first thing about changing a tire or even how to switch out wiper blades. Cover the bases and make sure that they have some idea of how to react when dealing with minor problems.
  • Take the Vehicle in for More Frequent Maintenance: Teenage drivers are hard on the brakes and sometimes get into scrapes without telling mom and dad. Bringing your vehicle in for more frequent tune ups and regular maintenance can help to catch any of these issues before they get worse. The key is to stay ahead of the problems and to make sure that your teenager isn’t stuck by the side of the highway.
  • Talk to Them About Emergencies: Making sure that your child is driving with a fully stocked emergency car kit can, literally, be a lifesaver. Help them understand how to use road flares and exactly who to contact if they run into trouble.

Our New Company professionals understand younger drivers. We can help you prepare them to get behind the wheel for the very first time, and develop safe habits that will last a lifetime. Come and see us for all your auto repair needs in City Name. We can do everything from brake repair to an oil change.

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Key Talking Points

Prepare your family car for your teenage driver (please work on this title)

the purpose behind this blog is to drive parents to get maintenance done, auto repair checks in preparation for their new teenage daughter/son with their family vehicle

not only are they new drivers with so many distractions IE music, phones, legalization (go into detail about this too)' the last thing parents want to worry about is an accident due to poor auto maintenance

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