Helping Your Efforts at Copper Recycling in City Name

Helping Your Efforts at Copper Recycling in City Name


Helping Your Efforts at Copper Recycling in City Name

Book Title Helping Your Efforts at Copper Recycling in City Name
Author kickstandcontent
Date Published May 06, 2021

Helping Your Efforts at Copper Recycling in City Name


Responsible corporations around the world are making sustained efforts at reducing their carbon footprint and helping to conserve and preserve the earth’s natural resources. Established metal recycling companies such as Company Name support environmental initiatives by not only recycling metals like copper, but also purchasing scrap metal from companies like yours to encourage and help you improve sustainability. We have a scrap metal purchasing program in place to buy your scrap copper, including wire, tubing, pipes, radiators, bars and sheets.           


Copper is among the oldest metals known to human civilization, and its popularity shows no signs of ebbing. As early as 9000 BC, humans used copper for everything from tools to utensils, ornaments, currency, equipment and weapons. Malleable enough to be carved into shapes, and yet sturdier than gold, ancient societies fully realized the benefits of recycled copper. It was common in the Middle Ages to melt down cannons to make utility items during peace times. However, when a war broke out, even bronze (an alloy containing mainly copper) church bells would be repurposed and used to produce cannons.


Modern society relies heavily on copper, with the metal being used in critical areas like shelters, telecommunications and power generation. Since the last Years in Business years, Company Name has remained steadfast in its commitment towards promoting copper recycling in City Name. Our goal is ecological and economic sustainability through efficient recycling of scrap copper and other metals.


Why Should You Consider Copper Recycling in City Name


The next time you are about to discard the copper wires on your Christmas tree, you should consider recycling them. There are many benefits to copper recycling:


  • Recycled copper retains value: Copper, unlike many other metals, retains 90 percent of its original value even after being recycled. Why continue mining inordinate amounts of virgin ore, when copper can be endlessly recycled and put to excellent use?
  • Helps the environment: Refining copper is a process that releases toxins; the waste emitted in the air is harmful. Recycling copper on the other hand is safe and only uses up to 15 per cent of the energy necessary to refine copper. Recycling copper is in the interest of the environment. It saves energy, reduces pollution and promotes better living.
  • Saves energy and resources: Natural resources are limited, and over time, they get depleted. Recycling ensures we slow down this depletion, even as we meet the ever-increasing demand for copper.
  • Get a good  price: If nothing else motivates you, the price certainly should. Company Name accepts copper in all forms. Whether you have copper pipe, stripped or insulated copper cable, copper radiators or any other copper products, bring them to us for a fair evaluation as well as fast and efficient offloading. Once you bring it to us, the scrap is sorted, baled and shipped to a smelter where it will be melted down and repurposed. If you have participated in copper recycling previously, you know that market value changes frequently. At Company Name, we maintain real time contact with the world copper markets, so you are assured of up-to-the minute fair market value for your copper scrap.


Interested in learning more about copper recycling in City Name? Call Company Name at Your Number with your questions or feel free to contact us online.