About Us

Key Objectives to help your Canadian Business

When it comes to increasing online traffic and generating more sales for your small or mid-sized business, you need an expert. Only experienced marketers know how to implement the right strategies that will create the best results for your business.
KickStand Content has partnered with over 100 companies Canada-wide including businesses based in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, and Edmonton. We have plenty of experience developing and delivering online strategies that lead to an increase in website traffic and a higher customer conversion rate.
We are excited to announce that our solid reputation as experts in content marketing has enabled us to grow our company even more! We’ve recently added Oakville, Milton and Burlington areas to our service area and are ready to take your Halton region business to the next level!


Why we do it

Owning a small or medium-sized business can be challenging enough – without the added pressure of maintaining an effective online presence. Knowing how to best navigate Google’s constantly changing algorithms and being able to create effective social media strategies requires a special skill set, and more importantly – a regular time commitment.

When we complete content marketing strategies for you, we deliver the most effective content strategy currently available while freeing up time in your busy schedule. We will work closely with you to create an online marketing strategy that will produce both short and long-term ROI unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

We know what your audience wants, which is why we combine both informative and promotional content into your marketing strategy. The content we produce will generate consistent website traffic and build online authority in your industry.

Seeing you and your business succeed is the best part of creating content marketing strategies for you – and why we continue to do what we do!


How we do it 

KickStand Content’s team of experts is well versed on creating high quality, SEO-optimized content for your small or medium-sized Halton region business.

Our writers have a variety of industry experience in both B2C and B2B markets, making us equipped to create compelling content for any industry. We understand that each type of industry has a different audience base, but we know exactly how to craft content that targets them best!

Google is often the first point of content when anybody has a question about a product or service. In order for your company’s website to show up in search results for that question, your content needs to be searchable. Plus, people need to be able to trust your site as a credible source for your industry.


Start getting found on Google…today!

KickStand Content knows how to create websites that get found on search engines using keyword optimization. Our original content helps build your company’s reputation as being an authoritative industry source which results in regular traffic on your site.


Grow your social media audiences

Our social media management strategies help grow your audience while creating effective relationships with both current and new customers. Whatever type of content we create for you, we know that it will result in more web traffic and company sales!